2013 Requirements for the Credit Monitoring Companies In The Fair Credit Billing Act

The Fair Credit Billing Act is an enhancement to the Truth in Lending Act that was added in 1975. As more and more consumers began to rely on credit as a main form of repayment, it was clear that loan rules were not the same as what should be instituted for those who were dealing with revolving credit accounts. It was very clear, that here needed to be a more extensive layout on how consumers might protect themselves and regulations for how the creditor needed to respond to such questions.

The plan goes a lot further than that and has evolved since its inception. The most recent updates, requires credit score monitor companies (see this site for your fico scores) to secure their clients information from 3rd party credit score ‘estimators’. This can about after several years of identity theft cases being linked to these 3rd party, fly-by-night, credit scoring businesses.

What Does The FCBA Address For Consumers?

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The FCBA initially set out to level the playing field for consumers and help them handle issues when it involved their credit.

Sometimes they also intervened with credit services (cmrefinancialservices.net), etc…

Specifically, the act was created to prevent overcharges made by vendors or if the wrong quantity was charged to the charge card. In the electronic age, customers can examine this in real time. However, back in 1975 you had to wait for your monthly invoice to check for problems. This also was the inspiration behind the dealing with creditors more securely. Hidden fee’s (source website), APR increase errors, calculation mistakes and failure to properly reflect repayments were the most common complaints against lenders.

Again, it is hard for us to imagine this in 2013 as the wise consumer checks their bills everyday on their cell phone, or with a free credit report gov app, so it is simple to rectify these issues. But,in 1975 if your payment was not reflected and you were charged additional interest charges it can take months to get everything back on track.

Further Protection Measures For The FCBA

The act additionally set out to deal with troubles with initial charges for items and services. But it quickly become clear that the credit card company needed security measures to pull money back from business that never ever offered or fulfilled the charged goods and services. Thus, the FCBA helped protect the credit lenders as well as consumers from fraudulent charges and collections services.

As the act was originally written in 1975, one of the extremely vital components was that credit companies must send out statements 14 days before the due date. It likewise states that any written notice given to a creditor needs to be responded to within 30 days and an examination should be completed within 90 days.

Defining “Fair Reporting” In An Ever Changing Financial World

The act also tried to clearly define “fair reporting” rules so that there was a requirement. Some business were reporting people late if they were just one day late paying an expense. This is why there are 30 day and 60 day reporting requirements to level the playing field. Bank card businesses might not put rules on businesses they dealt with in the past regarding Haze discounts.

Lots of people forget that charge card companies have a hold on business also because they get a portion of all sales (pay rates vary). Till this act some bank card business were attempting to block businesses from offering cash or check rebates. An additional protection step for the customer is that card banks could not take money directly from their consumers checking and savings accounts. This typically a preferred method from creditors to collect a debt, but it was ruled as an unfair debt collection.

In summary, it is important improvement to view the FCBA as a pioneer form consumer rights. It created clear boundaries and strict guidelines to make it clear what was taking place within the credit system for consumers and credit lending banks. It enables both loan providers and customers to understand the parameters and understand exactly how everything will be handled, should be handled and how to dispute errors.

As with anything new- especially national legislation, it is a must to evolve the rules and update them as needed. It was necessary to establish regulations and regulations that made it fair for everybody and it that the FCBA can be admired. While there are still things that might be improved, this fundamental plan of action has for these services has effectively leveled the protection system with merged credit reports.


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